Water purification tablets; healthy or hazardous?

Putting chlorine in drinking water, that is what people actually do when they use water purification tablets. Besides chlorine-based, there are also iodine- and chlorine dioxide-based water purification tablets. They all have one thing in common; they’re based on chemicals. On this page we’re going to explain whether or not the best way to purify water is to use a water purification tablet? 

Disinfection of drinking water

How to make water safe to drink? It’s the question many people aboard motor/ sailing boats and yachts are wondering about.  For the disinfection of water, we advise only using water purification tablets (or water purification drops) in case of emergency. There are more durable and healthier methods of water purification. In collaboration with Philips we developed a compact, quick and powerful solution. InstantTrust Marine offers you a chemical-free UV water purification device that instantly turns contaminated water into clean, safe and tasteful drinking water, always and everywhere you want.

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Your health comes first

With water purification tablets you actually put chlorine dioxide, iodine and/or chlorine in water (depending on the brand or the type of tablet). The use of chlorine-, iodine and chlorine dioxide-based water purification pills is not without risks. On the long term, or when you consume high amounts of these chemicals, it can damage your health. Besides the chemicals that you add to the water, the disabled microorganisms and further contaminants also remain in the water. Although the water is drinkable, it still tastes, smells and looks not very pleasant.

While water purification tablets only eliminate a specific range of pathogens, often with a relatively long exposure time, we offer you a device that kills all microorganisms from the very first second onwards, with a reverse osmosis drinking water filter that removes all further contaminants. 

How does it work?

Don’t be fooled by its size! InstantTrust Marine is compact, but very powerful. When water runs through the hollow lamp inside the InstantTrust Marine, UV-C radiation eliminates all microorganisms. The lifeless remains are adsorbed by a reverse osmosis water filter, that contains membrane and activated carbon. What remains is pure drinking water. InstantTrust Marine is a portable water purification system that can be installed virtually anywhere.

Water purification tablets versus InstantTrust Marine

The use of water purification tablets may seem like a convenient way to disinfect drinking water. However, it is not without risks. InstantTrust Marine is by far the best way to purify water stored  aboard in a healthy and durable way. View the table below for a comparison between InstantTrust Marine and the average water purification tablet:


Water purification tablet

InstantTrust Marine 

Exposure time of 30 minutes to 2 hours

Disinfects within a millisecond

Preserves drinking water up to 
a few days

Always clean drinking water on

Eliminates only certain 

Kills all bacteria and viruses

Dead pathogens and further contaminants remain in the 

Safe drinking water

Can only be used once

One-time investment*

*The InstantTrust Marine with durable Philips UV-C lamp can disinfect about 50.000 litres of water. For this, you would need 10.000 water purification tablets.

The main difference between water purification tablets and the InstantTrust Marine, is that a water purification tablet doesn’t remove contaminants like metals, chemicals and disabled microorganisms. Furthermore, the chlorination of drinking water actually makes is more chemical. Regular water purification tablets usually consist of chlorine or iodine, but also chlorine dioxide. When you use purification drops, chlorine dioxide usually is the substance that treats and purifies the water.

From watertank to waterglass

We already mentioned InstantTrust Marine as the best alternative for water purification tablets. When you would have this system installed on board, possibly contaminated water that is pumped from the water storage tank towards the water tap, goes through a number of steps before it reaches your glass. But what actually happens with the water during this process?

1. The InstantTrust Marine instantly starts to generate a high dose of UV-C radiation as soon as the pump starts (or, when using a Flow Switch, as soon as water start flowing). The UV lamp inside the device eliminates all microorganisms; from bacteria and viruses to fungi and yeasts.

2. Water that has been treated with the UV-C light is disinfected up to 99,99% and completely safe for showering, washing hands, flushing the toilet and so on. However, to purify water to clean drinking water, without unpleasant odors and tastes, contaminants still have to be filtered out. This is the point where the InstantTrust Marine needs help of a reverse osmosis water filter. After the device, water runs through an in-line filter (3a), or tap filter (3b), that comes with the InstantTrust Marine.

3. It is clear that water purification tablets have the ability to disinfect drinking water, but also have many disadvantages. We have explained what happens to (potentially) contaminated water when it is treated with the Philips UV light. But what happens next, when you are using a tap or an in-line filter with membrane and activated carbon?

3. Tap filter: This filter is the best filter you can buy on the market today. It can process about 3.000 litres of water. You have a choice between unfiltered water and filtered water by simply rotating the selection lever. When you only choose for filtered water when you need it, the filter lasts longer. The tap filter is always the best choice.

3. In-line filter: This filter uses carbon purify water. RO filters use a ‘semi-permeable membrane’ with microscopic pores. Water is pushed against this membrane, that only allows H2O molecules to pass through. This filter can process about 10.000 litres of water. We only have this filter for people who most definately don't want the tap filter. 

InstantTrust Marine

Using chemicalwater purification tablets, stocking bottled water and carrying heavy bottles from the store now belongs to the past.

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InstantTrust Marine, for every wallet

In comparison with a few bottles of water or a box of water purification tablets from brands like Oasis or Katadyn (Micropur), the InstantTrust Marine may seem like an expensive addition to your regular way of getting drinkable water on board.  However, like we mentioned before, the InstantTrust Marine is capable of disinfecting water for about 3-5 years, without replacing the Philips UV lamp even once. That sure are a lot of water purification tablets and bottles of water.

Are you a recreational boater or yachter and done with using water purification tablets on board? You are looking for a complete water disinfection solution that assured you of clear, safe and tasteful drinking water, always and anywhere?  No more worries about contaminated water thanks to thorough UV disinfection in combination with reverse osmosis. Start enjoying your holiday to the fullest with the InstantTrust Marine!